Apex Bio-Hazard

The Apex Bio-Hazard division has been in business for approximately ten years. Not long after starting Apex as a mold remediation company, we decided to open a Bio-Hazard division as an extention of our company, since the Bio-Hazard removal field was related to our field of work, making homes and facilities safer for people to live in.


In regards to what services we offer, Apex hastens the removal of hazardous biological wastes emanating from crime scenes or other events, such as homicides, suicides, accidents, hoarding, etc. The types of biological substances we remove are blood, urine, feces, and other substances that must be removed from a scene for safety concerns. 


As with our other fields of work, Apex Bio-Hazard technicians are highly trained and certified in their services. Our remediation technicians have all undergone Blood Borne Pathogen training, in accordance with OSHA Federal Regulations. As such, if you have any concerns that there are hazardous biological substances, call Apex to make sure these hazards are removed immediately, as waiting can only worsen the effects of the hazardous substances. 


Our Biohazard Services


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