Mold Prevention

Apex mold specialists recommends the following steps to keep a building as mold free as possible: 

Take preventative measures and quickly repair to prevent moisture from entering the building.

Maintain all systems which keep atmospheric moisture, such as rain and snow, away from the building. This includes high levels of soil moisture, which may infiltrate basements and first floor dwellings.

Maintain and repair all plumbing issues very quickly. If one occurs, dry and de-humidify the affected areas.

If high Relative Humidity levels exist in the structure, de-humidification equipment is very highly recommended.

Cold water pipes should be insulated to prevent condensation and dripping onto floors and surfaces.

All devices which divert air to the exterior of the building should be maintained and moisture-proofed. Such devices include vents and fans.

Maintain the integrity of doors, windows, skylights, etc.

Wet and damp carpeting should be dried and disinfected. Wood floors either exposed or below the carpeting should be thoroughly cleaned as well.

If there were to occur a major leak, proper drying and dehumidification is very important.

Any other conceivable steps to eliminate or reduce moisture exposure and infiltration are all preventative measures to prevent any type of microbial growth.

Following all of this, if a building owner or tenant suspects mold growth, either by visible observations or the presence of foul odors, please contact Apex mold specialist as quickly as possible. The earlier the issue is addressed the easier and less expensive the remediation procedures will be.