Our Team

Navon Saar is the CEO of APEX Mold Specialists!

Navon is a NYS licensed Asbestos Air Sampling Technician and a certified Mold Remediation Technician!

Navon has been involved in the mold profession for nine years!



Javier Gonzalez

Javier has been involved in the mold and water damage industry for the past ten years!

Javier is a very diligent technician who complies, very strictly, with industry standards!

Javier works co-operatively with the executive staff to insure a proper outcome of all remediation projects!



Joseph A Monaco

Joseph Monaco has a PhD in Toxicology and Psychometry, and teaches at Ando International.

Dr. Monaco is also a consultant at Apex and specializes in mold testing and abatement issues.

He has many years of experience and knowledge in the mold industry. He is a valuable asset to our company.


James C. Johnson

James has been involved in the mold industry for the past two years!

James is a very diligent technician who truly enjoys every aspect of the industry!




Liat Saar

Liat is the Secretary/Treasurer and Office Manager for APEX Mold Specialists!

Liat handles all issues involving customer service, appointments, generation of all reports with ‘customer satisfaction’ the ultimate goal!